What’s Cooking in my Dirty Kitch’n

Hey everyone, welcome to my new “food blog”

I’m Benjamin but you all can call me “Benny”, I work as an accountant in the day and transforms into a Chef at night (Home Cooking though). I have been raised in a Filipino Family, thus this explains my love for Asian Food. I personally have to thank my mom for teaching me the basics of cooking. Google and YouTube for the recipe’s and technique’s. My friends and Family who has always been so supportive (being my Guinea Pigs) and giving me constructive criticisms.

I personally can not promise that I can post everything I cook, I can’t even say that I’m going to update this blog every week. But I will try my best.

On this blog, you will be able to learn technique’s I’ve personally tried. Fail-proof recipe’s (which I have tried and tested), best alternatives for some ingredients that are not available on your country, as well as some “quick cheats” in making your food delicious.

Let’s start cooking!

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E-mail me: mydirtykitchn@gmail.com

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