Chicken Strips with Garlic Sauce

Ever tried reinventing an old dish? Well, this one is a reinvent kinda dish. Our family’s garlic chicken recipe calls for chicken wings, thighs and legs. Last night I only had chicken breasts available, so I decided to give it a little twist. This recipe is easy to make and it only takes a little over 15 minutes to prepare. You guys ready?

Lets start cooking!

What you’ll need:

1 piece chicken breast (Sliced thinly – as thin as you could possibly slice)

6 cloves Garlic (Chopped)

3 Tbsp. of Corn Starch

1 Tbsp. All Purpose Flour

1 Egg (Beaten)

3 Tbsp. Butter

2-3 Tbsp. Liquid Seasoning (I use Knorr Liquid Seasoning)

1 Tsp. Brown Sugar

Salt and Pepper

Oil for Deep Frying

Lets Get it on!

1.) Slice your Chicken as thin as possible.

2.) In a deep bowl beat your egg and add your corn starch, all purpose flour, salt and pepper.

3.) Place your chicken strips on the batter and mix. Making sure all the chicken pieces are well coated.

4,) In a heated pan, add some oil (enough for deep frying).

5.) One by one drop the chicken strips making sure there’s space between each. Cooking the chicken normally takes 3-5 minutes.

6.) Remove from fryer and drain in paper towels.

7.) In a separate pan melt your butter and add the chopped garlic (Stove should be in Low Heat to avoid burning the garlic)

8.) Move your pan in circular motion. Never take your eyes off the garlic. They burn really fast!

9.) Once the garlic is cooked and crisp remove from the pan and place on paper towels.

10.) In the same pan place some more butter and add your liquid seasoning and sugar (Still in Low Heat).

11.) Once the sugar is melted turn off your stove and move your pan to the side.

12.) Place your chicken strips on a serving dish, using a spoon drizzle your sauce on top of the chicken strips.

13.) Lastly top it off with your fried garlic.

See? It’s not so difficult to prepare. All you need is to prepare your ingredients, mix and fry and voila!  I served my garlic chicken on a bed of lettuce and topped it off with some spring onions. You can do whatever you like in presenting the dish. One of these days I will post our family’s original “Butter Garlic Chicken Recipe”, this is something you really have to try! Till then, Enjoy!

(This dish is best served with hot rice)

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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