Easiest Fish Sweet & Sour Recipe



I’m not a huge fan of fish and not too great at making my own sweet and sour sauce. Although I had a couple of successful tries, I am still not confident of my sauce. I’m pretty sure I am not the only one. So let me give you a tip, more like a cheat actually. Over the past years I’ve been using “Mama Sita’s Sweet and Sour Mix”. Trust me, this is a life saver! I even had compliments using this sauce. Of course I told them that I used an instant mix, I can’t take a compliment with a dish I didn’t make.

If you have problems in perfecting that sweet and sour sauce, this is your chance to impress your family and friends. I normally buy Mama Sita’s sweet and sour mix at a local market near me. I’m pretty sure this is available at all the Asian supermarkets around you.

For this recipe I used a kilogram of Nile perch, you can use whatever white fish fillet you prefer. You can also use a whole fish (Red Snapper) if you want to. Typical Asian  fish sweet and sour normally uses a whole fish, deep fried and glazed with the sauce.

What You’ll need:

1 Kg of White Fish fillets (Cut into 2×2 cubes)

1 Cup of  frying oil

1 Red Onion (Cubed)

1 Yellow Bell Pepper (Cubed)

1 Green Bell Pepper (Cubed)

1 Small Carrot (Julienned)

1 Ginger (Finger size – Julienned)

1 Cup of Corn Starch

2 Pieces Eggs (Beaten)

2 Packs of Mama Sitas Sweet and Sour Mix (mixed with 2 cups of water)

Salt and Pepper

Let’s Get it on!

1.) Preheat your cooking oil.

2.) Dip your fish on the eggs and then coat it with the cornstarch.

3.) Cook the fish by batches (7-8 mins per batch), do not over crowd your pan.

4.) Once the fish is cooked, let it rest on a paper towel. 

5.) Remove the oil in the pan and leave about 1/4 on the pan. Reduce the heat.

6.) Sauté your onions and carrots (5 mins).

7.) Add the Sauce Mix and Bell Peppers.

8.) Add the fish back on the Pan and cover the fish with the sauce. 

9.) Season with Salt and pepper.
See? Easy as 1, 2, 3! No sweat! Best served hot on top of rice. This recipe is good for 4-5 adults. Try it out and let me know how it goes.



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