Cream Puffs



When I started learning how to bake there were only two desserts  I wanted to bake. One would be a gooey brownie and the other one would be a carrot cake. I have never ever in my entire life imagined baking and trying so many recipes. But as I have always insisted to my friends and loved ones, learning never ends. We just have to keep on trying new stuffs and experiences, this in turn would make us a better person. I also believe that we always have to do our best in anything we do (Thanks, Don Miguel Ruiz).

Over the weekend I wanted to try something new, something challenging. Then my Laziness got me, I blame it on my 5 day challenge. Its kinda funny when you wanted to make something and end up making something else. When I was doing my research I wanted to make “Chocolate Eclairs”, then I remembered my 5 days challenge. I ended up making Cream Puffs instead, well they basically have the same ingredients so it wasn’t quite a huge adjustment.


Let’s get it on!

What you’ll need:

For the Puffs:

1 Cup water

1/3 cup or 3/4 of a stick of Butter

1 Cup All Purpose Flour

4 Eggs

For the Custard

2 Cups milk

4 Egg yolks

3/4 Cup Sugar

3 tbsp. Flour

Let’s start Baking!

1.) In a deep pan add the water and butter.

2.) Once the butter is melted add the flour all at once, stir until it thickens. Keep on stirring until it forms into a really stiff ball. Remove from heat.

3.) Add the eggs one at a time mixing well after each addition. (I had a workout while doing this, as I was afraid that the eggs might get cooked from the heat of the dough).

4.) Place into a Pipping bag and pipe dollops into a baking tray.

5.) Bake at 485 F or 220 C for 21 minutes.

6.) Let it cool for a bit while we prepare the custard.

7.) Whip the eggs yolks and sugar until pale.

8.) Whisk in the flour.

9.) Heat your milk on a pan, once it starts bubbling on the side, remove from heat and add to the egg mixture (I split the milk mixture into 3 batches).

10.) Return the mixture in the pan and keep stirring in low heat until it thickens.

11.) You can cut your Puffs in the middle or just burst them with your hand and place a good amount of custard inside. Once cool enough you can sprinkle the top with icing sugar and serve!

I covered my cream puffs overnight and they became soggy the next day. They were crisp the night I made them, but nevertheless they still tasted good. Some say even better.

Try this recipe and let me know what you think.




One thought on “Cream Puffs

  1. Sounds good! I haven’t tried baking yet so I’m not sure if I can make something like this but I’m keeping this on my list of things to try because you said it yourself – learning never stops 🙂


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