I am Benjamin (Benny), an Accountant by Profession but has the passion for food. I have been exploring ingredients and recipe’s for the past 10 years. I currently live in the Middle east (United Arab Emirates), and in this part of the world it is a bit difficult to find ingredients and produce to cook with.

Over the ย past 5 years, I have spent time and effort in making good food. I have stumbled upon ways to make cooking easy and fool proof. If you’re afraid to cook, don’t worry you are not alone. Even If I have had great cooking, I still have my bad days. I burnt a cake, over-beat my meringue, burnt my fried chickens, and a lot more! It’s all part of the experience, the learning, the journey.

I am a big fan of ย cooking shows from Masterchef Australia to Hell’s kitchen. ย A lot of people who cook’s looks up to different chef’s and Michelin’s, but I have to admit that my inspiration and influence in cooking is none other than my Mom. She thought me the basic’s of cooking, and I guess my taste buds learned to adopt to my mom’s cooking.

I love to travel and try different food, may it be street food, fine dining, or better yet home cooked!

I visited someone in San Francisco over a year ago, She asked me: “What’s your favorite Restaurant? I answered, I’d rather eat something home cooked rather than eating in a restaurant. By that time, I influenced her and she now appreciate’s home cooking.

I’m hoping to do the same to everyone.

Enjoy! Let’s start cooking!

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